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This fertility boost more than compensates for the lack of offspring fathered by gay men, and keeps the "gay" genetic factors in circulation. A 2005 study reported genetic scans showing a clustering of the same genetic pattern among gay men on three chromosomes - chromosomes 7, 8, and 10.

But something else happened that inspired me to become a gay dad. That's why I've chosen to be a gay dad. It might just make me a better parent. Justin's mom wrote this to her son.

Single gay dad: 'The days my sons were born are the happiest of my life'. Andrew Garfield is open to gay sex. Helping would-be mums and dads to realize their dream of becoming parents is the annual Alternative Parenting Show.

Gay daddy paramedic - HOT GAYS SCENE - Продолжительность: 3:36 Maks Psy 508 577 просмотров. Why Should YOU Be Worried About Autism And Syringes - Продолжительность: 0:19 zoowemama Boy 118 просмотров. F#@K I Love U - Dad sees son having gay sex.

Making friends with kids on the sidelines. Having a gay dad has helped my daughter become a champion of fair and equal treatment for others and a friend to those who are ostracized on the playground.

That's why YMCA became a well-known theme for being gay, because it has its own roots in homosexuality. This classic song will surely be remembered by the next generation of gays to come, and it will be forever marked in history as a fun song as well!

Why do guys become gay? One does not become gay; one is born gay. Similarly, if you are straight you did not choose to be straight, you were born Adam Reisman. 684,251 Contributions. linguist and full-time dad. Why are Filipinos guys becoming gay? They're not. Nobody can become gay.
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