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104 "In other words, some people were gay partly because of their genes and some were gay for other reasons." What "proof" of God would you accept? Is there any proof that "people are born atheists"?

If in fact this is true than it would support that people are actually born gay and sociological influences may have little to do with it. havana New Member Fifteen Days. If many off us are born heterosexual wouldn't it be obvious that some folks are born the polar opposite?

Many believe people are "born gay" -- that there is some organic basis for homosexuality. A person can in all ways act straight and swear on a stack of phone books that he/she is straight, but that's not conclusive proof.

The simplest "proof" is testimony, some say they were born gay, some say they weren't. Putting all the evidence together it truly does not seem that we can boil this down to something simple like "people are either born fully gay or not".

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Can a person be born gay? Is it possible to be a gay Christian? This 80-Year-Old Religious Sign in Texas is Causing Some Controversy.

In a recent Guardian article , Simon Copland argued that it is very unlikely people are born gay (or presumably any other sexual orientation). Panel Discussion - Born that way: Is there a gay gene and should it matter?

No, but I do think people are born gay. For one most of my gay friends knew something was different about them by an early age. And all said they never had attraction to the opposite sex.
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