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Intro: An intrepid Dutch reporter ventures into the mixed-message country of Lebanon to experience the glitter and fears of gay life in Beirut.

Outside Beirut gay life is sparse and more difficult to find. So, as LebTour is the only professional gay travel operation in Lebanon, their help is even more invaluable here. The ancient Mediterranean port city of Byblos (42km north of Beirut)...

Gay life in Beirut? Watch this Topic. What do women wear in Lebanon 9 replies. travel from amman to beirut 25 replies. New Year's Eve 2012 5 replies.

Homosexuals in Lebanon recently been very active, they had a gay pride protest thing last winter and have many gay friendly hotels and gay bars and gay magazines and lebanon i 've heard of few bars like Acid, Wolf, Life Bar, Bardo...

Бейрут. Ливанские солдаты на пропускном пункте смотрят из-за колючей проволоки. Помимо уже известных гей-баров, таких как "Acid", открылись новые, что явно украсило ночную жизнь города, привлекая сюда местных жителей и иностранцев.

Area: 40 sq mi Population: 361,000 (approx) Things to do Gay: Cruise, Many clubs/bars but venue changes often Things to do: Place de l'Etoile, Hamra...

Gay life in Beyrouth 27 December 2017. Visiting beirut 21 December 2017. Party places in Beirut...?? wedding in beirut, lebanon 13 replies. hotels for $40 a night in beirut and quick!! i land friday!

Gay in Beirut, Lebanon. Отметки «Нравится»: 5 328 · Обсуждают: 43. Welcome to Lebanese and Worlds of Gay Lovers. Gay in Beirut, Lebanon добавил(-а) 2 новых фото.

Widely seen as a liberal enclave in an otherwise conservative Arab world, gay and lesbian people in Lebanon enjoy a number of freedoms unheard of in most other countries in the region. In the second of a five-part series on life in the Lebanese capital, RFI spoke to the man behind Beirut Boy, a...

Overview of laws and public opinion about homosexuality in Lebanon and information about the Helem organization. Guide to gay nightlife in Beirut. gay bars and night… bardo,life bar,2posh,a new one in hamra, and whe had a lot!!..and u can go to em nazih,coot detat,mar mkhael,badaro,u will see a ot...

Lebanon » Beirut (‏بيروت‎). I Will Never Forget My First Gay Friends Michael McShane, a federal judge in Oregon, shares how the members of an informal book club, the Alice B. Toklas Society, changed his life.

Lebanon's gay people now have a virtual space where they can meet others, a grand improvement on the days they had to hide and do it in secret I used it to compliment my real dating life: when I went out to a gay club in Beirut, and could not meet someone, I would go back to my car and use the app.
Image : Grindr Beirut: Open Space for Gay People or 'Virtual Birdcage'?


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