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Рэп-альбом баскетболиста "Филадельфии-76" Аллена Айверсона все-таки будет выпущен в свет и реализован. Об этом сообщает агентство АР со ссылкой на источники близкие к музыкальной компании Universal Records.

comment. Is one of the league's smallest markets big enough for O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph and Allen Iverson? The NBA is about to find out.

NBA GAYEST MOMENTS EVER REACTION - Duration: 8:12. My youtube career is over!!! Allen iverson love story oprah sideverson illuminati exposed reaction!

Аллен Айверсон, Деннис Родман и Табо Сефолоша: кто из игроков ассоциации не сумел избежать проблем с законом.

Рэп-альбом баскетболиста "Филадельфии-76" Аллена Айверсона все-таки будет выпущен в свет. Об этом сообщает агентство АР со ссылкой на источники, близкие к музыкальной компании Universal Records. Причем Айверсон не собирается выкидывать ни одного слова из своих песен.

Allen Iverson can lay some pipe. Allen was lean and muscled, a warrior, with tattoos and battle scars. And since you infatuated with sayin' that gay shit Yes, you was kissin' my dick when you was kissin' that bitch Nasty shit You thought I was boning Renette You calling Carm a View comments.® WikiAnswers® Categories Entertainment & Arts Celebrities Athletes Allen Iverson Is Allen iverson gay? Allen Iverson is a NBA basketball player who plays for the Detroit Pistons. When was Allen Iverson drafted?

There was also a short exchange between Iverson and reporters during a charity event, where Iverson commented that his charity work wasn't about Allen Iverson - Biography. IMDb. [↩]. Obama and Iverson Talk Practice Sound Clip and Quote. Anti-Gay Remarks by Athletes. Outsports. [↩].

Comments. Allen Iverson is a Free Agent and still not signed. The Grizzlies have Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo so if they get Allen Iverson they can get a great Big 3. Dwayne Wade wants the Miami Heat to be a Championship Contender.

Load more comments. lee_chigga China fans always love Iverson, forever. everythangdeepfried @delont3 hey why are you so angry bro do you want me to give you a hug give you a non gay man kiss on the cheek and tell you everything is gonna be okay and how are you gonna throw a bag of shit on...

Allen Iverson, a former professional point and shooting guard with a career that hailed him as one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history, isn't known for being big on practice. That we problematize our gay kin. That we sexualize birth ties. Comments.

Bio of the young Allen Iverson including childhood/high school photos & first time on tv footage + Ethnicity background & gay/straight factcheck. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Add a comment. Submit. · just now. Allen Iverson Position. He led his SIxers to the Finals as a SG and played his best prime years at that position. Source(s): The Answer - Allen Iverson.


This single sentence encapsulates how hard Allen "Jewlez" Iverson went on this track out of nowhere. Did he think about himself as the NBA's biggest celebrity or as a role model or having to answer questions from square-ass media members about using gay slurs and being Hide Comments.
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